‘What’s an Angel like you doing onbattle field? ‘.Asked the knight .You wouldn’t survive.This isn’t a place one comes to escape of hide . Oh ! But I’m not here to hide or escape.I don’t crumple under the weight of humanity,Neither do I let the negativity throttle me. You may be a knight, who fightsContinue reading “#4:1”


I was nomination by for this award. Thank you so much, for this nomination and thinking I was Worthy of it , means a lot to me. Daneelyunus, has a very diverse blog and writes passionately about the topics put up , writes on topics ranging from education, to tourism. Please, go check outContinue reading “Nomination”


lifetubeblog, recently nominated me for the blogger recognition award and I couldn’t have been more elated.When I first started off with this blog, lifetubeblog was one of the initial blogs I started following and, it surely has some diverse as well as very enlightening content. Who, knows how keep the audience engrossed and  interested withContinue reading “Nomination”


You fight your battles and, I’ll stand by you like – a shield.How could I let you get wounded ? when, you’re the reason my heart beats. You fight for what you believe and, protect against evil .I’ll make sure you’re protected because if you’re in danger how could my heart ever heal ? SoContinue reading “#3”


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