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Familiar Paths

Sunset waves and conversations, that heal the heart.
It’s the little things around us, that lift us up.

The calmness, which descends from the silence around us,
Is where you find yourself, everytime you feel look for hope.

What’s yours is seeking you. What is meant for you, will find its way to you.
When you find yourself lost, go back to the familiar places, you once knew your way around.
Maybe, just maybe you’ll find a new way to take off .

Faith, love and Hope in Prayer

while we battle our way, through all the obstacles, don’t forget a little prayer can take you a long way.

As we hold onto everything that we desire,
don’t forget to hold onto hope, for it’ll make you stronger.

And no matter what, the world says to you, never let your heart lose the love that sets you apart.

To pray with every bit of faith, and to have hope stronger than wind while, you always carry the love you can give in your heart,
Is what will help you get through everything that comes in your path.

International Men’s Day

We give very little credit to, the men in our lives.

Very often, towards their efforts we turn a

blind eye.

The love of your life who, stands by your side. The father who, appreciates you, for who you are and, acknowledges you for, being a daughter.

The friend who, is really just a friend and, supports you until the very end. The silent admirer who, understands that, no means no, because his feelings were true and, pure.

And, all the others we encounter, who let you breathe, admire you, and, let you live. To all of them, we owe an apology, for every time we never let them be.

For all the times you silently struggled and, every time you scaled heights.

For every moment of despair, Tirelessly working hard and, showering us with

love and, care.

You need to know you, are admired, loved,

cherished and, celebrated. What defines you is your personality and, we stand by your side while you hussle and strive to make your dreams a reality.

We promise to let you be, exactly who you

chose to be.

Love for the game

A thousand memories of, every game played.
Sends a spark, to your heart each time it’s
For every pass and goal , there’s a tale, that you’re never tired of
hearing, each time it’s told.

The ecastic cheers that surround, Is what makes this game more than just a battle ground.
No matter if it’s a victorious win, or you miss and fall.
You rise back up like a warrior who stands

The essence of the game, lies in it’s team. For, together you stand and exude strength. The partnership goes beyond friendship.
You defend, you save, you strike and …. Goal! The love for the game cannot be expressed, it’s an emotion, you feel in the soul.


Here’s a gentle reminder to anyone and everyone who, is facing their own storms small or big . The storms within, are the most difficult ones and, also the ones we can’t take shelter from but, must face . While it seems enormous enough to engulf us . Always remember, you are stronger than whatever it is that’s taking on you. You are strong , you are kind, and you are brave enough to face this . Also, you are not alone .

In a world where we’re all battling and facing our own storms let’s not forget to do what’s best for us , appreciate ourselves, and be kinder towards ourselves, for we have come so far and made it till here . That wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t brave enough to be ourselves and did what we had to .


Summer’s almost gone, I await the cool Winter breeze now. But, before that comes Fall. It’s this period of transition, that fills my heart with hope and faith somehow.

The twirling leaves around seems like stardust from another realm, leaving me spellbound. There aren’t grey skies anymore, it’s the fiery hues that have taken over before, it begins to snow.

I guess, Autumn’s called fall because, we fall for it’s beauty and, yearn to watch it’s enthralling mystical show.

Here’s an older poetry of mine with a fresh new digital art because autumn’s almost here now 🍁🍂🎃