Sleepless nights

On sleepless nights, I wander into a maze
Of unanswered questions, whelved memories, and, unfathomable emotions.
Rummaging through them all, one at a time.
On sleepless nights, I look up at the lit sky.
The warm, stellar display of magical lights,
enchants my restless heart with delight.


A digital art potrait I made when I came across a photograph on Pinterest that inspired me.

When you look behind, don’t forget to measure how far you’ve come and the moments you lived through to, get here . Don’t forget to pat yourself on your shoulder, for all the times you didn’t give up and, made it . When you look ahead, make sure you look with faith in your heart and, hope in your eyes . Have enough faith to take the next step and, always be hopeful for a better tomorrow. But what’s most important, is to acknowledge where you are now and how much it took you to get there .

We find ourselves caught up in the squalls of life forgetting, to acknowledge our existence and hardwork and how much it has taken us, to make it where we are today. We forget to live the little moments and, celebrate the small achievements. But its those small achievements when, put together that makes a beautiful mosaic of all our cherished moments. It’s the little things in life that, make the bigger picture and help us get where we are .

What makes a journey beautiful and worth are, all the experiences we’ve had along the way . They remind us that, we need to live the moment to the fullest and appreciate what we have while we get the chance .

Digital art inspiration

High Lord of the night court

Ruffled feathers and, a magnificent wingspan. He, is a deity with, a glint of mischief in his eyes and care. A mystical beast indeed who,Wears his heart on his sleeve.

A pair of Illyrians wings wrapped tightly, guarding you safely. He’ll leave you spellbound, with his charming personality. The Crown, of the most powerful High Lord ever, adorns his head. He’s wings make him the mightiest warrior, every foe he leaves wounded and, their souls scared.

He’s wit,can sweep you off your feet. He’ll winnow you away, in a heartbeat. For when he expands those Illyrian wings, He holds in them traces of love, hurt, memories, pain and, every emotion too profound even, for a king.

An ode to one of my favourite book characters – Rhysand from, A Court of Thorns and Roses by, Sarah J Maas.

The digital art is a my take on Rhysands character. I’ve added my imagination to his character sketch and used a very special muse ❤️🌼

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